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Please fill out all the required parts of the form below to apply for tuition with Music Devon! You don’t have to supply an e-mail address, but it’s often the best way for us to contact you, and we’ll always keep your details confidential.

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1.  Tuition will normally be delivered in a course of ten to twelve weeks. Courses of tuition lasting other than this duration may be arranged by negotiation.

2.  Where tuition is delivered by arrangement with a school or other educational establishment, lessons will take place by agreement with the head teacher/principal.

3.  If for any reason the teacher is absent, the lesson time will be taught at a later date. Where appropriate, a suitable replacement teacher may provide temporary cover.

4.  Refunds, credits and/or additional lessons are not normally given for pupil absences for whatever reason. This includes tuition that is missed by a pupil taking a family holiday during a pre-contracted course of timetabled lessons, or during school term time, whichever is applicable. Refunds and credits are possible only in exceptional circumstances.

5.  All pupils should commit to regular daily practice.

6.  Progress will be monitored and reviewed as necessary in consultation with parents and, when appropriate, with the school.

7.  The pupil will receive an annual written report, and parents will be given the opportunity to attend a consultation evening to discuss progress.

8.  The pupil will be expected to participate in appropriate extra-curricular activities.

9.  Where the PARENTS are invoiced directly by Music Devon, fees are payable by the PARENTS in advance each term to Music Devon. In the Autumn term, payment should be made two weeks before the first lesson. For the spring and summer terms, payment should be made two weeks before the end of the previous term.

10. Where the SCHOOL is invoiced by Music Devon, for the provision of the service, the SCHOOL is responsible for any arrangements to charge fees to parents, and the school is responsible for any collection and/or refunds of fees to parents.

11. Pupils may discontinue lessons ONLY AT THE END OF TERM (or course of ten lessons). To cancel tuition, the parent must give notice – in writing to Music Devon – no later than five lessons before the end of the current course of lessons. Where parents are invoiced directly by Music Devon, the parent should also notify the Music Devon office of the proposed discontinuation.

12. Written notice of discontinuation is required in all cases of discontinuation of lessons. Where the parent is invoiced directly by Music Devon, if written notice is not received, or insufficient notice is given, payment will remain due to Music Devon for the first five lessons of the following term, to allow for re-arrangement of time and recruitment of pupils. Payment of this fee does not entitle the pupil to attend any further lessons. Schools are advised to adopt similar arrangements for notifying discontinuation of lessons.

13. Fees will not be refunded to any pupil failing to attend lessons and/or choosing to discontinue tuition in mid-contract or mid-term.

14. Any decision made by the Directors concerning tuition provided by Music Devon shall be final. Music Devon reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without notice.