Steve Down


Steve’s session credits include: Joss Stone, Real World Studios [Peter Gabriel], Marco Migliari [Stereophonics], Al Scott [Levellers], Sony BMG, Channel 4, BBC, The National Theatre, Keith Emerson, KU records, Chiwawa Records. He also has lots of live performance, recording and touring experience.


He graduated from Southampton University in 2006 with a First Class Honors degree in Music. He studied with top industry professionals such as Dave Marchant [Berklee College Course Leader/Courtney Pine] and John Barwood [LCM].


Steve Down has been studying and performing music from a young age. He took an interest at age 10 and the instrument came very naturally to him due to his previous classical training. He took his first solo exam at age 11 and has now been playing guitar for 14 years. His passion and love for music has driven him to become a professional musician. Steve is able to play many different genres including R ‘n’ B, funk, rock, blues, soul and pop. Steve is a committed, reliable and motivated musician and aims to become a top industry professional in his trade.

As a teacher he has a wealth of experience having trained at Southampton University to run workshops. As well as teaching at schools in Devon he is a lecturer of composition and guitar at Taunton College of Arts and has conducted many workshops across the UK.

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The Swiss (feat Steve Down) – Mingle (Live @ Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2009)